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MorphX STUDIO is an international multi-disciplinary firm providing a full scope of architectural, master planning, theme park, landscape, zoo, interior, and concept design services.

We create ideas and turn ideas to concept...concept to schemes…and schemes into reality through the collaborative mind of our passionate, creative and peculiar team members. We work in a playful, fun, positive and upbeat environment. We always engage ourselves in absorbed exchanges, deliberations and conversations on unique ideas, work in close collaboration with each other, and integrate the brainstorming output in the design to form a distinctive, custom-fit project to suit our client's need. 

At MorphX Studio, we believe we can always create a superb something out of nothing.

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Landscape Architect


Graduated from UBC MLA program in 2004, with 30 years of professional experience on landscape architecture area both in China and Canada, Cherie Hongbing have been working in various projects from big scale to small details, including park design, site planning, residential development master plan, urban design, public open space, commercial, multifamily and single house landscape design.



Senior Designer

Proactive, action-oriented and results-driven design and technology professional. He is well known as a persistent problem solver, determined to find solutions to the most perplexing and difficult problem. He keeps abreast of new design trends and software applications to leverage and enhance his skills and technical capabilities towards and become more effective, productive and respected in his field. He is driven by new challenges and the desire to explore new areas of design and technology to further expand his knowledge of different technical disciplines. He plans on retiring in his 40’s after making his mark in the world. Leader, Learner, Thirsty for Success—that’s Alberto. 


Landscape Architect

Rosalio studied Architectural Technology at Technological University of the Philippines (Manila) He started his career working in VHS Philippines (Belt Collins International Hong Kong) and gained experience in detailing and working drawings. He worked abroad, spending five years in Riyadh, K.S.A as Interior Decorator and in Singapore (Belt Collins) as Landscape CAD Designer. He later came back to  Philippines as a Landscape Designer. 

Outside work, he enjoys playing and spending quality time with his three kids and wife. He also loves creating digital artworks and learning latest trends in Interior Design, Graphics and Multi-media arts.


Founder/ Resort Planner/ Master Planner

Jason has 20 years of professional work experience ranging from golf resorts master planning, and ski resorts, public parks, waterparks, and urban designing.  Jason is also the president of a design-build consulting firm in Vancouver that specializes in both residential and commercial projects.  Away from the office, Jason enjoys fishing, snowboarding and kayaking in British Columbia with his wife and two kids.

Landscape Architect

Venci’s country of origin is the Philippines. In 2013, after graduating in Bulacan State University with a Landscape Architecture degree, Venci began working with SGS Designs Landscape Architecture consultancy firm where he designed and led residential projects, subdivisions, condominiums, public parks, eco-logical parks, resorts, and other master planning projects such as Seagrove by Ayala land and the NGAC river parks of the Philippine government-owned Bases Conversion and Development Authority BCDA. He is passionate about environmental designs using endemic materials and plantings. 


Senior Designer

As an Architect and Planner, Guthrie expresses his creative ideas in the form of a visual vertical and horizontal poetry noticeable through his master planning and architecture design – mostly mixed-used development, waterparks, theme parks, commercial and residential buildings.

E7#9 chord on a Telecaster pretty much sums up who Guthrie is. And also, happily married, he is an easy prey for the quiet charm of his wife and adorable antics of his kids. 


Architect/ Planner

Domingo is both a Canadian-  and a Philippine - trained registered architect. Coming from an architectural, interior, construction and lately a fiberglass production family, he is a second generation designer. He lead numerous subdivision, theme park, waterpark, golf courses, and community planning projects in Asia, North America and Middle East. He is an avid basketball fan and cartoonist.


Interior Designer

Growing up interested in home improvement, decorating ideas and crafting, Nina decided to take up Interior Design in college. She worked in an interior design firm in Makati specializing hotel and residential projects. She later moved to Singapore and earned three years’ of experience in her field. In 2013, she went back to Manila to be a freelance designer and have a family of her own. During free time she loves doing arts and crafts and DIY projects for her kid. 


John Lord is an artist, designer and photographer living and working in Makati. After college, he spent most of his time taking street, landscape and architectural photographs. He started in various local and international firms, later becoming part of Callison RTKL Planning and Urban design team. A warm hearted person, John Lord is inspired by art, poetry and the craft of beer.



Mechanical Engineer

Louie is a Philippine-trained industrial water engineer. With diversified background, he designed various water systems such as deep wells, surface water source, and multi-purpose storage tanks in different industrial plants and oversaw its construction and completion. Bulk water operations are another area of his competence, and he is capable of performing underground televised inspection, evaluation and rehabilitation. A poly-athlete, Louie excels in basketball, swimming, running, golf, bowling and hiking.


Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts of Qingdao University in 2014. Worked as a Landscape Designer in various reputable design firm in Qingdao and Shenzen from 2014 to 2018. A passionate designer, very keen to details, well verse in Landscape design and details, positive and a great team player. Outside work, he loves to spend time with his family.



Senior Designer

Ryan grew up surrounded with wide open fields in a village in the Philippines, spending most of his free time, wandering, sketching, painting and building action figures - mechas and the like. After finishing college, he worked his way up as a Junior Field Architect in a top construction company (EEI Corp.) in the Philippines, and as a Landscape Designer for Belt Collins Hong Kong. Ryan often gets inspiration from the things he grew up with, his hobbies and music, and sometimes from a bottle beer or two.





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